Sunday, July 21, 2013

Interview and More Menstruation Jewelry

I was recently interviewed by Chloe Cross of VICE UK for an article about my menstruation artworks, which has been published online through ThoughtCatalog here.

In the wake of the recent countrywide legislature aimed at closing health clinics that provide abortions (among other services), I feel that it is even more imperative to foster and promote discussion about female reproductive health, especially after the confiscation of tampons during the recent Texas legislative meeting.

In response, I have created menstrual jewelry incorporating tampons, making approximately 30 pairs of earrings and 4 necklaces which I then distributed to women I know throughout the country.  Feel free to check out my jewelry design in the photo here.  The necklaces include cotton cord & plastic beads and the earrings are formed onto surgical steel earring wires (I adapted mine to attach to some existing clip-ons) with just tampons and plastic beads, using the tampon strings to attach everything.  I encourage you to design and make your own tampon jewelry to help promote discussion and address the taboo and stigma associated with menstruation.

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